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Escape Room – Illuminati

Are you up for the challenge?

An old secret is hidden inside this chapel. Only the inner circle of the Illuminati knows the answer to the mystery. Will you become part of the secret society?



A quiet chapel in the heart of the modern world houses the inner sanctum of the Illuminati, into which only a lucky few find their way. But beware: since friend and foe are hard to tell apart, there are tests which make sure that only those who are worthy find their way in. Identify the secret signs and follow the path of enlightenment. Find the answers that so many before you have failed to discover.

What are you willing to give to become part of the legendary secret society?

Single mode

Your team consists of 2 to 6 players and you are looking forward to a common challenge? If so, this is your story.

2 - 6
10 -99+
beginner & advanced
the classic
Illuminati Icon

Do you dare?

Are you friend or foe? Decide for yourself in this game. You can play this Escape Room in Single Mode with 2 - 6 people.

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