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Escape Room – the dead monks

Who is their murderer?

A series of murders overshadows the abbey. Innocent people are tortured in pursuit of the murderer. Are you their savior?


the dead monks

The year is 1327, in the middle of an Italian Benedictine abbey four monks die in rapid succession under mysterious circumstances. In the name of the Inquisition, the devil is accused and his supposed helpers are judged at the stake.

The execution of innocent people must come to an end, but only those who find the true murderer can stop the Inquisition.

1 Room Game

There's more to this Escape Room than meets the eye: The Dead Monks is our latest game in a handy format. 1 Room, 1 Team, 1 Challenge: This room is regularly updated with new stories from us. Until February 2019, you can play the Dead Monks here.

2 - 4


10 - 99+

advanced & Pro
1 Room Game

better late than never

You can hardly decide between all the Escape Rooms in the House of Tales? The Dead Monks is an escape room for small teams of up to 4 players. This Escape Room is very suitable for small teams, for example only 2 players - maybe a good opportunity for the next rendezvous?

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