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Live Escape Room Vs. Online

Leave the crime novel at home and leave the online world of Exit Adventure Games. We'll take you to another world in the Live Escape Room. The House of Tales tells stories you can feel. You ask yourself, what is the difference between a Live Escape Room and Online Exit Games? Here we've compared the two to make the difference more clear.



From lone warrior to team player: Alone in front of your computer, immersed in your online exit game, you'll never have the same fun as in a Live Escape Room at the House of Tales. Become the hero of your own story.



One click versus a thousand nerves in your hands: Why rely on only one sense when you can use all your senses? In the computer game you will only see the Escape Room. Live Escape Rooms in the House of Tales are literally real rooms you can touch, smell, hear and feel. Let yourself be surprised by your immersive experience in our Live Escape Room.



Pixel Perfect versus rock-hard reality: A fantasy world that has become real awaits you in a Live Escape Room, no optical illusions or virtual rooms.

our story

Live Escape Room in Berlin

Since when does this game concept actually exist in Berlin? On the basis of the story of the House of Tales we try to give you a short outline. It's storytime...

Dedication and commitment pay off: The House of Tales receives an average of 5 out of 5 star ratings for its Escape Rooms on relevant portals and over 800 customer comments per year and is regularly awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

How it started

In 2014 the trend of Room Escape games reached Berlin. As one of the pioneers of Escape Rooms in the capital, we welcomed our first guest on June 14, 2014. Back then in Kreuzberg and today in Berlin Mitte at Checkpoint Charlie we have so far infected 92.606 players with the Escape Room fever. And our commitment gets feedback: In 2014 our Escape Room will even displace the Brandenburg Gate from the 1st place of sightseeing in Berlin.

then & now

2017 the great awakening: The House of Tales and the idea of a 2nd generation Escape Room is born. We open the doors of the most fascinating Escape Room in Berlin in May of the same year. We are proud to have embarked on a new path with the House of Tales. Our Escape Room does not belong in a dark basement, but in the centre of a lively city. We want to create lasting experiences with the House of Tales: Immersive fantasy worlds in which you can forget the outside world.

Escape Room


Escape Room is one of many terms that have established themselves in Germany. These include the following genre terms:

Room Escape Game
Live Escape Game
Live Adventure
Exit Game
Escape Game
Escape The Room Game
Exit The Room Game
Real Live Escape Game

They all describe the same game concept: Free yourself and your team from a puzzle room within 60 minutes by finding clues and solving logical tasks.