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It all sounds interesting, but you wonder how you can participate and what you can expect in the House of Tales. One after the other...

Ticket order

book your game online

Choose your next live escape game from the five stories on offer and make your appointment at the House of Tales. Of course, you have to put together a team for this. For example, play together with your friends, family or colleagues. You can't play a live escape game alone.

the reception

we are waiting fo you at the house of Tales

You will find us at Zimmerstraße 90 right next to Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. We are also less than 5 minutes away from the subway. Please come 15 minutes before the start of your game and have your ticket ready. Whether printed or on your mobile phone: Your booking code is important to us. If you haven't paid online yet, now is the right time. You can pay for your ticket in cash or by EC and credit card. The coat check is free of charge. We ask you to lock up your belongings at the check-in desk so that you can start your live escape game without any worries.

the briefing

listen to you game master

Your game master will now approach you and inform you about your Live Escape Game. Listen to him or her carefully, although it may not be your first game. Each Escape Room is different, so we emphasize the specifics in the briefing. In addition, there are the following points: 1. The rule for the Live Escape Game. 2. where is your team in the story and how did you get there. 3. what is the goal or your mission in this game. Do you still have a question? Now is your chance to ask.

the game

ready, set, go

Your game master will lead you to the door of your Escape Room. Now it gets serious: Your live escape game starts in a few minutes, you can literally grasp the excitement of your fellow players. The last instructions from your game master and the door to another world opens. Now you are completely on your own. Well not completely, not only for safety reasons the administrator can see and hear you all the time. Likewise, in the Live Escape game, the game master can also give hints. But don't rely too much on our help, just go with your team: Communication is the key to a live escape game. Tell your fellow players what you have seen, heard or found. No idea is too absurd, but use your common sense and logic to solve the puzzle. You can leave your physical strength outside the door, it won't help you in a live escape game.

see you soon

after the first game comes a second

60 minutes go by quicker than you might like. Did you make it? If you haven't been able to free yourself with your team, the game master will come for you. Whether winner or not, you won't forget the last 60 minutes so easily and for the feeling to become a lasting memory, there will be a digital team photo with the farewell.

We say goodbye and are looking forward to your next Live Escape Game, because there is always a next time at the House of Tales.

order your ticket 24/7

On our page Tickets & Prices you can see all at one glance. To book your game, select your date in the calendar. In the next step you will see all available slots for the day. Choose a free time and the appointment will be added to your shopping cart. After that you choose your team size. Online payment when ordering is possible, but not mandatory. When completing your order, decide between payment on site, bank transfer, PayPal or payment by credit card. Your order will then be confirmed by e-mail and you will receive your ticket by e-mail for you to print out. Now all you have to do is inform everyone who is participating.