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what is an Escape Room/Game?

Live Escape Games at House of Tales are the response to online adventure games or analog exit board games that have turned into reality.

The House of Tales tells you a story you can touch and feel. In a physical room, your Escape Room, you will awaken the story surrounding you in a matter of an hour.

you & your team

This team game demands full commitment: logical thinking, agility and the matching team spirit. Find your way through the maze of clues and unravel the mystery of your story. In the House of Tales there are  imaginative Escape Rooms for small and large teams. Meet your inner Mafia boss in the darkest streets of Hong Kong or enjoy an adventure like Indiana Jones in ancient Egypt. The quest of Obsession has as many tricks as the escape route from the executioner's dungeon.

your experience

You and your team will be welcomed in the House of Tales by your personal game master and introduced to the secret of our Escape Rooms. That's why punctual arrival is so important to us! The story you book determines the setting for your next 60 minutes and the game begins right away. Now you are on your own, the story has to be completed and all the puzzles you encounter along your path need to be solved. But, you are not on your own...

at a glance


Every game in the House of Tales is different, but there are ground rules that we will always stick to.

you need skill, logic and team spirit
players from 10 to 99+ years
60 minutes game + 15 minutes briefing
we recommend 2 to 5 players per team
5 stories and 3 game styles
the House of Tales promise


To make your next adventure unforgettable, we at the House of Tales have established these four standards for ourselves.

movie camera
immersive setting

With attention to detail and the unique support of set designers, we at the House of Tales create authentic escape games that allow you to dive into a parallel universe.

different level of difficulty

Not only experts enjoy our game. We also want to introduce beginners to the concept of Escape Games and have built stories with different levels of difficulty in the House of Tales.

magic wand
Escape Game 2.0

No more key and lock puzzles. A new generation of Escape Game with immersive storytelling and high-quality technology has established itself and the House of Tales is joining in. We work day and night for the WOW effect.

thumbs up
tested Standards

You're wondering why the House of Tales is closed every Tuesday? We regularly test and improve our escape games so they are always up to date.


3 steps to your booking

Many roads lead to Rome, but to play an Escape Room at the House of Tales in Berlin, you'll have to take these three steps.

1. Choose your Escape Room

You can discover colorful parallel worlds in the House of Tales. Let yourself be surprised by our stories and the game variations for small and large teams.

2. Book your game

When does the next game start? Is there a free spot on Saturday evening and how much does the fun actually cost? On our ticket page you will find everything you need to know.

3. here we go

Not been in Berlin or at Checkpoint Charlie for a while? Don't worry, for all those who don't know house number 90 in Zimmerstraße, help is available here.

the full range

There are no limits to your choice. We will create your next event in Berlin out of up to five different Escape Rooms. Or are you simply looking for a suitable gift for your loved ones or your favorite colleague?