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the House of Tales promise


To make your next adventure unforgettable, we at the House of Tales have established these four standards for ourselves.

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immersive setting

With attention to detail and the unique support of set designers, we at the House of Tales create authentic escape games that allow you to dive into a parallel universe.

different level of difficulty

Not only experts enjoy our game. We also want to introduce beginners to the concept of Escape Games and have built stories with different levels of difficulty in the House of Tales.

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Escape Game 2.0

No more key and lock puzzles. A new generation of Escape Game with immersive storytelling and high-quality technology has established itself and the House of Tales is joining in. We work day and night for the WOW effect.

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tested Standards

You're wondering why the House of Tales is closed every Tuesday? We regularly test and improve our escape games so they are always up to date.

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WHY go for a live adventure with THE HOUSE OF TALES?

You are still looking for the right arguments to convince the boss of the concept of a Live Adventure for your next team event? We have 8 compelling reasons for you.

let's do this together

When was the last time you gathered all your friends? Or looked at your colleagues with different eyes? An Escape Game is the opportunity to discover hidden talents or simply enjoy your time together. Be inspired by our suggestions for your next event in Berlin.