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Escape Games are the reality-based alternative to online adventure games. Within an hour the story of your Escape Room comes to life. Only with the right team spirit and a good mixture of creativity and skill your team can accomplish its mission. An Escape Room offers you an oppportunity to test your strengths alongside your friends - there is no single player mode at the House of Tales.

kid's birthday

and who will be joining you?

We celebrate you and your guests with our birthday special: You + 4 friends or more will be welcomed by us as guests of honour. This means an unforgettable adventure for you, your guests and your company of an adult. The best thing is, within your birthday month you and your companions will play for free!

Are you interested? If so, you can order our birthday special via e-mail.



From the age of 10 Escape Games are a dream come true for anybody celebrating their birthday. From the age of 14, teams can discover the stories of the House of Tales for themselves.



The choice of story is always about personal taste, but you should also make an age-appropriate choice. We recommend the Pharaoh's Curse game for teams of up to 10 players ( + two accompanying persons) from 10 years. If you are 14 years or older ,you can solve the mystery of Professor Langdon in Obsession or show your qualities as an agent in Checkpoint Charlie - these stories are for up to 5-6 children. For very large groups a combination of Escape Rooms is the best solution.



Parents or persons over the age of 18 should accompany all teams under the age of 14. You may need one or more accompanying persons, depending on the size of the Escape Room and the number of teams. Accompanying persons do not count as players in the House of Tales and therefore do not pay for their tickets.



Nobody was born to be a party planner, so we are happy to help you wherever we can. Are you interested in our kids birthday special? Send us your request directly by mail or phone. We will advise you on the Escape Room selection and provide you with information on how many accompanying adults you may need. We will be happy to hear from you!

Sarah werner



Send us an inquiry with the key info for your next event.
Important for us are the number of people, date and time frame. Please also tell us about any special details we have to pay attention to for your team.

Our colleague Sarah answers every question personally, trying to give you the first answer within 24 hours. But the weekend is sacred to her and  us and hopefully to you as well. Therefore all questions will be answered from Monday to Friday.

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