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Escape Room – The Executioner

can you Hear him?

You wake up in total darkness, a whisper in your ear - The executioner will return in one hour and fetch his next victim.


the Executioner

It's your worst nightmare, but there's no waking up. How did you end up in this grim dungeon? You only have this one chance if you don't want to be the executioner's next victim: ESCAPE.

You'll need all your wit to escape the executioner. Will you find a way to free yourself? Your time is running out...

Single Mode

Your team consists of 2 to 5 players and you want to experience an adventure together? Then you've come to the right place.

2 - 5
16 - 99+
beginner & advanced
phisically fit
Henker Icon

Do you have the guts?

Are you looking for thrills and an escape from everyday life? Twiddling your thumbs has come to an end. The Executioner is our adventure Escape Room that gets under the skin. Who are you coming with?

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