R-Rated: This story is not suitable for underage players due to pornographic content.

Versus Mode – One Night in Hong Kong

WHO will find him first?

A night amongst gangsters of the Walled City is about to begin. Have you got what it takes for the streets of Hong Kong and can compete in this Versus Game?


One Night in Hong KOng

The Chinese mafia has quietly ruled the underworld for ages. A web of extortion and illegal trafficking spans across the Walled City. So far it has been your family in whose hands all threads ran together, but now a new triad announces the change of power.

With the help of your team, defend the honor of your triad, because something was stolen from us last night.

Versus Mode

And suddenly one Escape Room becomes two. The two Hong Kong Escape Rooms can be booked with up to 6 people each, so teams of up to 12 people have found the answer to their dreams here. Both rooms are played simultaneously without exchange between the opposing teams.

7 - 12
14 - 99+
Versus Game
2 Escape Rooms


Which team is ahead of the game? Find the ultimate challenge in our Versus Game One Night in Hong Kong for up to 12 players. Two Escape Rooms are played simultaneously and after the game you can talk about your experience without any spoilers. You can also play this story in Single Mode and only one Escape Room with up to 6 people.

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