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Escape Room – Obsession

Can you find his trace?

For centuries, secret brotherhoods have chased after an ancient legend. But the professor is closely following their tracks. Has he gone too far this time?



An unassuming storage room in the heart of Harvard University: the last clue of your longtime friend Professor R.Langdon. Did his research get him into trouble? What is behind the mysterious clues and symbols? Has he made powerful organizations his enemy? It is now up to you to interpret the signs.

How far are you willing to go to find your friend?

one-room Game

Obsession is a one-room game and an homage to the beginnings of our Escape Rooms from 2013. The classic concept of searching, collecting and combining.

3 - 7
14 -99+
One-room Game - the classic
Illuminati Icon

Do you dare?

Interpret the signs and uncover the mystery!. You can play this Escape Room in Single Mode with 3 - 6 people.

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