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You will find a detailed description of all five Exit Games on our website. Take your time and decide for your perfect adventure. Consult with your team and choose your common favorite. Pay attention to details such as the maximum number of players. Some Exit Games can only be played with small teams. Others are also suitable for 10 or even 12 players. If you are a very large team, you can also play several Exit Games at the same time and divide yourself among the individual stories.



Can you find your friend Professor Langdon's trail? What secret was he chasing? Can he still be saved? Prove your wits in this exit game and choose your team wisely. Up to 6 players can play together the Exit Game Obsession in the House of Tales. Here you experience a one-room game - the classic and a tribute to the beginnings of the Escape Game!

the Escape

Exit Game
The Executioner

Under lock and key you are at the mercy of your destiny. The executioner has locked you in his dungeon, but will that be the end of your story? Escape the grim dungeon and find brave companions. Up to 5 players are included in the Executioner. This Exit Game can only be played in Single Mode.



Do you have what it takes to spend a night among gangsters? If you get lost in the most wicked streets of Hong Kong, you have to be willing to do anything to find your way out. You and up to 5 players fight for the glory of your triad. You can book this Exit Game in Single Mode with up to 6 players or choose Versus Mode and play Exit Room against Exit Room with up to 12 players in total.

the curse

EXIT GAME the pharaoh's curse

Exit Games are games for young and old. Especially this story has fans in all generations. Once upon a time there was an heartbroken Pharaoh who lost his mind over the death of his queen. As punishment for his shameful deeds, the gods cursed him and banished his spirit to an eternal grave. But a treasure hides in the sanctum of this pyramid, which means glory and honor for you and salvation for the Pharaoh and his wife. This Exit Game is for 4 players and up to 10 players, who can face the challenge together. This Exit Game is only offered in XL Mode because it is a game for large teams. This challenge can therefore not be booked with 2 or 3 players.

Cold War

EXIT GAME Checkpoint Charlie

Other exit games can hardly be more steeped in history than this one - you think you can't believe your eyes? Yes, you can!  We have rebuilt the famous Checkpoint Charlie to offer you a unique experience. You've overwhelmed the guards of the Control Pass to get the secret files of both nations under your wing. Doesn't your agent's heart secretly beat for one side? A decision you will be forced to make only once in your life. This exit game is possible for agent groups of up to 5 players and especially for small team events or birthday parties this adventure is the right choice.



Single Rooms are the foundation for almost all Exit Games at the House of Tales. For one hour you and your team will experience the story you have chosen before. The House of Tales recommends a team size of 3 to 4 players for an optimal experience. Of course there are also Exit Games for couples: 2 players can choose between the stories The Executioner,   Checkpoint Charlie or One Night in Hong Kong. All these Exit Games can be played in Single Mode. With more than 4 players, you'll also get a hit in the House of Tales. The story The Executioner and Checkpoint Charlie can be booked with up to 5 players. Obsession is suitable for 3 to 6 players.



Looking for a challenge or a little competition? Then our story One Night in Hong Kong is the answer to your search. We have this Exit Game twice, which means two identical and separate Rooms in the House of Tales. Individually, each Room with this story can accommodate up to 6 players. If you book this story in Versus Mode, up to 12 people can participate - Escape Room versus Escape Room. At the moment we can only offer you the story One Night in Hong Kong in Versus Mode.


XL mode

The bigger your heart, the bigger your team? We don't want to drive a wedge between you, that's why we have the game The Pharaoh's Curse in the House of Tales. The standard would be only 5 players per story, here you can enjoy an Exit Game together with up to 10 players.

24/7 from everywhere

On our page Tickets & Prices you can see all Exit Games at a glance. To book your Exit Game, select your date in the booking calendar. In the next step you will see all the exit games available for the day and the times at which we offer appointments. Choose a free slot below the Exit Game and the appointment will be added to your shopping cart. Then you choose your team size. You can buy your ticket online until 30 minutes before the game starts, whether from the street, from the office or from your bed: We are waiting for you and what are you waiting for?